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Urban Design Solar is the premier residential and commercial construction and solar contractor in Northern California specializing in solar design and installation, remodeling, and more.

Making the decision to invest in solar is more than just committing to making the world a better place; you’re also making an economically smart decision for you and your family. We will work with you to not only get the most energy efficient system for your home but also to find the best financing as well as state and federal refunds for you!


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Solar Installation

We have a wide knowledge base and offer the best service and the best prices. You won't find a better quote.

Solar installation

We work with you every step of the way, and our crews are friendly and efficient.

Energy Upgrades

We will help you upgrade your home or business to make it more energy efficient, from remodeling to solar add-ons.

Energy Upgrades

From remodeling to installing Solatube skylights, we can help you create an energy efficient which will save you even more money every month.

Increase your property value

Having a PV system installed increases your property value...

Increase your property value

…Without increasing your property taxes.

Save money

Installing solar panels can cut your electrical bill in half or more and your saving will offset the cost of solar installation.

Save money

The amount of money you save on electricity can, after a few years, completely offset the cost of installing your solar panels.
Creative Composition Commercial Solar Installation2016-12-13T00:41:45-08:00
Sean at Urban Design is in the process of setting up solar at my home and at my business. Sean and his crew have gone above and beyond to be accommodating to my staff while working in the office. I am so excited to have this solar project launched and kicked off so I can update this review with how much money I’m saving now that we have solar everywhere!!
I made sure to build a big enough system to ensure that i’ll create enough power to charge my new electric car too.
Dennis L
Sean and team were great. Chose to go with them as they were responsive, complete, engaged, and motivated. Sean’s work ethic and connectedness made choosing them almost a no brainer. Install of 27 panels completed in a day with a full and professional crew. They were polite, accommodating, safety conscious, and knew their stuff.
Dan O
From helping with the planning to implementing, all flowed beautifully, and they were really wonderful to work with.
Prompt, courteous , reasonable, efficient, timely, and best of all excellent work!
And their scope of knowledge and what they can do is huge!
Carolene M
Leaders in the field. very knowledgeable about the programs and incentives to off-set the cost of installation, total pros. Installation was fast, clean and tidy. Highly recommended.
Ray L

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