SMA Sunny Boy Solar Inverters

SMA is headquartered in Niestetal, Germany. Founded in 1981, and now over 5,000 employees worldwide in 21 countries, SMA was awarded the inter-solar award for the Sunny Boy Smart Energy Inverter with integrated storage in 2013. SMA products are also assembled globally, including the U.S. SMA is a leading specialist around the world for photovoltaic energy technologies and continue to help many homes and businesses transition to renewable and sustainable energy sources.

Sunny Boy TL-US Series

SMA SunnyBoy TL US Inverter

The Sunny Boy TL-US Solar Inverter series features transformerless H5 topology, which results in higher performance of more than 98% solar power production. The Sunny Boy TL-US Solar Inverter series is light weight because of its design, and provides an optimal value for residential or decentralized commercial solar energy system. The Sunny Boy TL-US Solar Inverter series is built for reliability with galvanic isolation and arc-fault circuit interrupter, with an optional AFCI. The simple automatic grid voltage detection system and integrated DC switch-disconnection makes this solar energy inverter a safe model.

Key Features:
• Integrated DC Disconnect
• SMA Power Balancer for three-phase grid connection
• Superior MPP tracking
• Class-leading CEC efficiency of 98.5% (Max 98.7%)
• Reliable active temperature management

SMA Sunny Boy TL-US Residential Series

SMA Sunny Boy TL US Inverter

The Sunny Boy TL-US Residential Solar Inverter series are transformerless solar energy inverters, and have a wide input voltage range, elevating the amount of power under a number of conditions. Transformerless solar inverters are among some of the safest solar inverters on the market. The Sunny Boy TL-US Residential Solar Inverter series can quickly adjust to changes in solar irradiation, limiting the effects of shade, which results in higher solar power output. The Sunny Boy TL-US Residential Solar Inverter series has a powerful 97.6% efficiency rating and flexible extended operating temperature range.

Key Features:
• Secure Power Supply (providing daytime power in case of grid outage)
• Maximum efficiency 97.2%
• Two MPP trackers (providing numerous design options)
• Shade management with global peak MPP tracking
• Extended operating temperature range

SMA Sunny Tripower


The SMA Sunny Tripower solar inverter is a three-phase transformerless inverter and is UL listed up to 1000 V DC maximum. The SMA Sunny Tripower has peak efficiency approximately above 98% with OptiTrac shade management for maximum production. The SMA Sunny Tripower’s flexibility has a wide range of input voltage and two different MPP trackers. Urban Design Solar uses this inverter for commercial use only, providing a superior design and a lower leveled energy cost. The SMA Sunny Tripower is engineered in Germany and assembled in the U.S.

Key Features:
15 to 90 degree Mounting Range
Detachable DC Connection Unit
Reverse Polarity Indicator
Cluster Controller, WebConnect/ Speedwire
Complete grid management feature set
Bi-directional Ethernet Communications

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