Zebra Energy 280w Polycrystalline Solar Module

Zebra Energy 280w Polycrystalline Solar Module solar panel

Zebra Energy designs, produces and supplies solar energy products and is headquartered in Nevada, USA. Zebra Energy focuses distribution and supplying energy products in North America. The company began in 2006 and has continued to grow with hundreds of new solar energy products. Zebra Energy uses the highest quality renewable energy materials and partners with some of the best solar researchers, solar manufacturers,  solar financing and distribution associates worldwide.

Zebra’s 280w polycrystalline solar panel operates at 14.50% module efficiency. Zebra Energy 280w Polycrystalline Solar Modules are robust with anodized aluminum alloy frames and have UL1703 certification, with a California CEC approval and 25 year warranty. Zebra Energy solar modules produce high energy efficiency with low cost to solar energy users.

Zebra Energy puts a 10 year warranty on its solar panels, a 12 year 90% output and 25 years 80% output. Zebra Energy solar panels are UL & CEC listed, great for solar commercial and utility scale projects, standard 72-cell size and compatible with all major solar inverters and solar racking solutions.


Zebra Energy 280w Polycrystalline Solar Module specs