Solar power is a rapidly developing industry. With so much constant change, it can be challenging to know where to turn for the latest news. We want to keep our Urban Design Solar customers informed about recent events and innovations in the solar industry. Here’s our roundup of this week’s news in solar:

NASA Takes Solar Power Generation To A Whole New Level

NASA is gearing up to go outside Earth’s atmosphere and collect solar power from the only place where the sun never sets: outer space.

New Pathway To Clean Energy Jobs For Military Veterans

The US Department of Defense is expanding a program that will connect military veterans with paid internships and energy jobs in the armed services.

How drones are helping design the solar power plants of the future

Companies are looking for ways to make solar energy an even more competitive solution to fossil fuels. In order to meet this goal, some solar companies are exploring the use of drones to help design, build, and operate solar farms.

MIT startup offers camouflage solar panels that will match any roof

At first glance, the idea of “aesthetic solar” may seem superficial. But based on the results generated by this MIT startup, aesthetics could prove to be a valuable way to encourage widespread investment in solar energy.

Oregon set to get 56 megawatt solar power plant, expected to be state’s largest

Oregon’s newest power plant will also be the largest in the state. It’s expected to generate hundreds of new jobs that will contribute to the local community as well as the overall state economy.