The use of electric vehicles (EVs) is steadily rising in the US. With companies like Tesla taking the lead in EV development, and with EV charging stations sprouting up across the country, more and more Americans are opting to buy electric cars. But for many of us, the idea of an electric car seems to have some major drawbacks that we just can’t find a way around. One of those drawbacks is charging the car’s battery. Many drivers are concerned that they won’t have access to an easy, safe, and reliable charging method for their electric vehicle. That’s why Urban Design Solar offers the Bosch Power Max car charging station.

With a Bosch charging station from Urban Design Solar, you can rest assured you’re getting the fastest and safest charge for your electric vehicle.

Where can I use my charging station?

The Bosch charging station works both indoors and outdoors. It’s fully weather-resistant, making it safe and effective in rain, snow, sleet, or ice. It can also work from inside your garage.

How easy is it to charge my electric vehicle?

The Bosch charger is easy to use, with a minimal and compact design. It won’t take up too much of the valuable space in or around your home. The charger is user-friendly and easy to operate, so there’s no hassle or headache — just worry-free charging.

Will the charger be compatible with my car?

The Bosch Power Max charging station is compatible with any electric vehicle that meets the SAE J1772 standard. This standard is used by most electric vehicles in North America — and even the manufacturers themselves use Bosch chargers! What’s more, your charging station comes with multiple options for power output and cable length.

How can I get a charger installed in my home?

At Urban Design Solar, we strive to make clean energy an easy, affordable solution for all our customers. We’d be happy to help you select and install the charging station that’s perfect for your needs. Call us today at (530) 809-1079.