It is good to be energy efficient. However, in off-grid PV systems, being energy efficient is a requirement. Here are a few things you can do to limit your energy usage and get more out of your off-grid PV system.

Installing Solatubes skylights can reduce your electricity usage by allowing you to turn your lights off while still lighting a room.

The Solatube Solar Star Attic fan can reduce energy consumption by providing ventilation to your attic space, keeping your attic cool, dry, and safe from damaging moisture.

The FAFCO Sungrabber can reduce energy consumption by heating your water using the sun. If you have a pool, the Sungrabber can also be used to heat your pool or spa.

General changes to your home can also help reduce energy costs. Installing energy efficient appliances and devices will help reduce the strain on your PV system. Reduce heating and cooling costs by installing energy efficient windows, applying sealing to doors and windows, or by utilizing Cool roofs (roofs that reflect more light, allowing less heat into your house). Exchange lightbulbs for more energy efficient ones. Last, don’t forget to turn off electrical items that are not in use!

Download a free worksheet to help you determine your electrical load and array size.


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