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Solar Panels

Solar panels convert light into electrical energy. A solar panel is made up of a collection of “solar cells.” These solar cells are spread over the panel to produce solar energy. The more light that hits the cell, the more electrical energy it produces. Urban Design Solar has a wide range of solar panels to choose from to fit your aesthetic or footprint needs.

REC Solar Panels

REC Solar has been a consistent producer of quality solar panels over the last 20 years. REC Group are amongst the most technologically advanced solar module manufacturers in the world. Whereas other high-performance module manufacturers concentrate on mono-crystalline panels, REC have concentrated on the polycrystalline modules (sometimes also known as multicrystalline solar panels). Through the development of the split cell tech, they have become a leader in module efficiency for this type of panel, hitting a very admirable 18%. REC Group has been at the leading edge of product advancement with their split cell ‘Twin Peak’ range of panels, providing a greater tolerance to panel soiling, aging and shadowing over other standard mass-produced module. REC solar panels are a high quality and yet very affordable option.

LG Neon Solar PanelLG NeON 2

LG Solar’s solar panels, engineered to have superior quality and aesthetics, are supported by 25 years of research and development. LG NeON™ 2 cell produces energy from the front and back. This increases the cells’ efficiency. They are particularly more efficient in mornings and evenings when the angle of the sun is lower in the sky. LG’s newly developed Cello Technology which stands for Cell connection with Electrically Low loss, Low stress and Optical absorption enhancement, increases power output and improves appearance. See LG NeON 2 specs

Solar Inverters

A solar inverter, or photovoltaic (PV) inverter, converts the collected energy that can be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by a local, off-grid electrical network. Urban Design Solar installs both grid-tie and off-grid electrical networking solar energy systems.

SolarEdge began commercial shipments in 2010, and is known for revolutionizing the way solar power is harvested in the solar arrays. SolarEdge’s highly effective direct current (DC) inverters maximize power generating at the PV module level. Urban Design Solar installs SolarEdge Single Phase inverters with HD-Wave Technology. Click here to learn more

Electric Vehicle Car Chargers By Bosch

Urban Design Solar, builds EV charging stations for residential or commercial use.

Bosch Car Charger

BOSCH POWER MAX 16A/12 ft Cord:
Amperage: 16
Plug-in installation: NO
Permanent: YES
Cord Length: 12 feet
Enclosure: NEMA Type 3R; indoor/outdoor rated
Dimensions: 16″ x 14″ x 5″
Approved Programs: Volt, Spark, EV, ELR, Kia Soul EV
Warranty: 3 years

BOSCH POWER MAX 16A/18 ft Cord:
Amperage: 30
Plug-in installation: NO
Permanent: YES
Cord Length: 18 feet
Enclosure: NEMA Type 3R; indoor/outdoor rated
Dimensions: 16″ x 14″ x 5″
Approved Programs: Volt, Spark, EV, ELR, Kia Soul EV, e-Golf
Warranty: 3 years

BOSCH POWER MAX 16A/25 ft Cord:
Amperage: 30
Plug-in installation: NO
Permanent: YES
Cord Length: 25 feet
Enclosure: NEMA Type 3R; indoor/outdoor rated
Dimensions: 16″ x 14″ x 5″
Approved Programs: Volt, Spark, EV, ELR, Kia Soul EV, e-Golf
Warranty: 3 years

Now you really can have it all. Say hello to CoolPV

Collects more energy and maximizes energy output with less space

Do you want to save money on PG&E with PV Solar AND heat your pool? You probably didn’t have enough roof space for both…..until now! With CoolPV you can have it all.

CoolPV CutAway Chart

Agricultural Solar

Urban Design specializes in agricultural solar installations. Farming and ranching have enough rising costs without worrying about the constant rise in utility energy rates. However, solar energy for agricultural professionals is a source that ensures lower fixed rates, ensuring your operation keeps an affordable energy cost.

We install ground and roof mounted agricultural solar arrays.  Each solar array is custom designed to match the farm/ranch’s usage and space available for the system.  We have several different system options depending upon size and type of equipment needed.  Contact us today to discuss your solar installation needs!

Already have an array but want to make it bigger? We will familiarize ourselves with your system and get your expanded system up and running quickly.

Urban Design Solar specializes in inspecting existing solar arrays to look for any issues, recommended maintenance, and to check system voltages.  Each system will go through a rigorous inspection.  A report will be generated after the inspection with our findings, photo of the system, and recommendations for repairs and maintenance.

Do you have an existing solar array in need of maintenance?  Contact us today for a system inspection, report, and estimate for system repairs and maintenance.

Do you have an existing system that needs the panels to be cleaned?  Contact us today for a free quote!  Ask us about our maintenance contracts!

Urban Design Solar specializes in repairs of all types of solar systems and equipment.  Contact us today for a free estimate!

Urban Design Solar specializes in solar designs and installations for farms.  Contact us today for a free quote!

We offer ag grants. Contact us today to see if you apply!

The FAFCO Sungrabber

Harness the energy from the sun to heat water for your home or pool and save money on your water bill by installing the FAFCO Sungrabber.


  • Polymer solar collectors are lightweight, flexible and efficient
  • 10-year solar collector warranty
  • Highest rated performance
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

How It Works

  • The pool pump sends unheated water from the pool to the polymer solar collectors.
  • Solar collectors transfer the sun’s heat to the water as the water flows through them.
  • Solar-heated, warm water flows back into your pool and circulates until it reaches your desired temperature.

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