There are a lot of solar myths and misconceptions. Many people don’t have all the information or don’t understand the concepts. Let’s debunk some of those myths.

Solar Panels are not allowed in my neighborhood.

Look into it! A lot of people think that their Homeowner’s Association won’t let them install solar panels. Most states guarantee that it is the home owner’s right to install solar panels. You will need to have permits and will need to submit your plans to your local jurisdiction. Any local solar company should know your local building codes and be able to help you with that.

Solar panels are too expensive to install.

While yes, it costs a pretty penny to invest in solar (usually between $15,000-30,000), rebates, tax incentives and financing can help you can go solar without breaking the bank.

It is more affordable to get solar now than ever before!

Solar panels don’t work in cold climates.

Not true. If you have any daylight hours, solar will work for you. Germany, which has the same daylight hours as Alaska is currently a solar superpower. Solar panels can handle a variety of temperatures from extreme cold to extreme heat. Any amount of sunlight will help provide you with solar.

Solar panels need too much maintenance.

False. Solar panels come with warranties. Solar companies can inspect your panels once or twice a year. All you have to do is wash your panels once or twice a year and clean leaves off the panels. This will also make your panels last years longer. Maintaining your solar panels is easy and a minimal amount of work.

If I get solar, then I can’t sell my home.

False. If you have a solar loan, the loan will transfer to the next owners.

There are more myths out there but this should dispel a few of them. Solar is a good investment and saves you money on utilities. Many individuals and businesses are going solar and saving money, you can too!

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