New horizons are breaking in renewable energy markets as Tesla is surging to take a crucial step in making advanced technology available for solar energy consumers. This is a much needed step to bring the world out from relying so heavily on fossil fuels. Worldwide energy consumption is approximately 20 trillion kWh of energy every year. This could supply energy to a nuclear power plant well past 2,000 years. It’s more energy to power a single family home close to 1.8 billion years.

One-third of fossil fuel consumption in the U.S. is used for transportation. Despite many people choosing to switch to solar energy due to continuous rising energy rates; environmental damage continues to increase with carbon emissions being jettisoned into the atmosphere. The U.S. power sector alone produces 2 billion metric tons of CO2, which is almost like burning 225 billion gallons of gasoline.

The progression of Tesla’s innovation now introduces a new product called the Tesla Powerwall. This rechargeable lithium-ion battery is designed to store solar energy at the residential level. This has the renewable energy industry booming, especially the solar energy sector. As of late, the average home with solar installation consumes more power in the morning and in evening as in the day. During the day solar energy is more plentiful and rolls back the energy utility meter (AKA Net Metering).

However, without a home battery, all excess solar energy is sold back (usually in credit to the consumer) to the utility company in the evening. The Tesla Powerwall allows home owners to actually hold onto excess solar power, giving them solar energy when they need it most. Telsa Powerwall has an energy security measure, which automatically switches to battery power in the times of power outages. This is great news for those who live in areas prone to stormy weather and unreliable utility grids. Not only does this help solar energy consumers, but it keeps power plants from having mismatched demand that results in increased carbon emissions.
The Tesla Powerwall is from the same intuitive design as the Tesla automotive battery. Current backup batteries on the market for solar power are usually overly expensive to install and maintain. Despite the fact that the Tesla Powerwall installation is required to be performed by a trained professional, the Tesla Powerwall is actually easily installed and requires no maintenance. Solar energy consumers can now save more money by owning more of the power that their solar array produces, and save money on their solar installation cost.
One of the Highlighted Tesla Powerwall distribution partners of this product is SolarEdge, who have supplied solar energy consumers with quality solar inverters since 2006. Urban Design Solar is a proud user of SolarEdge technologies, seeing that many of our solar energy customers are satisfied with SolarEdge’s product performance. The Tesla Powerwall is just another improvement to help support Urban Design Solar customers with high-quality, renewable energy technology for their home or business.


TECHNOLOGY:  Wall mount, rechargeable lithium ion battery with liquid thermal control

COMPATIBILITY:  Single phase and three phase utility grid compatible

CAPACITY: Multiple batteries may be installed together

10 kWh – For backup applications
7 kWh – For daily cycle applications

WARRANTY: 10 years

EFFICIENCY: 92% round-trip DC efficiency

POWER: 2.0 kW continuous, 3.3 kW peak

VOLTAGE: 350 – 450 volts

CURRENT: 5.8 amp nominal, 8.6 amp peak output

OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -4°F to 110°F /-20°C to 43°C

ENCLOSURE: Rated for indoor and outdoor installation

INSTALLATION: Requires installation by a trained electrician. DC-AC inverter not included

WEIGHT: 220 lbs

DIMENSIONS: 51.2″ x 33.9″ x 7.1″

CERTIFICATION: NRTL listed to UL standards