Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing helps property owners that want solar but can’t afford the initial costs. PACE financing pays for 100% of the costs and allows up to 20 years to pay it back with low interest rates.

If you want solar for your home, agriculture, hotel, retail, industrial, non-profit, PACE can help. If you want only some solar like energy efficient lighting, water pumps, solar panels, heating or cooling systems, PACE can help with those too. To get started, find a contractor and apply for PACE, sign the financing documents and then complete your project and receive money. Any commercial property is eligible including offices, retail, industrial and multi-family spaces. You can get up to 20% of the property value financed with a minimum project of $5,000.  PACE will help you go solar and start saving money and energy.

[ctt template=”9″ link=”822Je” via=”yes” ]Property Assessed Clean Energy was named one of the top 20 “World Changing” ideas by Scientific American Magazine. @udsolar[/ctt]

Why is PACE financing good for potential customers?

The challenge with solar so far has been being able to afford to use it on a large scale to operate buildings. The upfront costs are so much that some businesses won’t even consider solar. PACE is the answer, by paying for everything upfront, they allow any home or business to start using solar. This will impact the way we use and pay for solar.

[ctt_hbox link=”eWT9e” via=”yes” ]With PACE, you do not have to put any money down! @udsolar[/ctt_hbox] Qualification is also property-based and not income-base. What is also great about PACE is that if you sell your property, PACE financing stays with the property and is transferred between owners as a “debt of property.”[ctt_hbox link=”FR376″ ]Because PACE pays for everything upfront, you start saving money on your utility bill and you can use that money to offset your solar payments.[/ctt_hbox]

Also, making improvements and energy improvements makes your property even more valuable.


By using PACE you are creating jobs and economic output. For every $1 million PACE invests, they are creating 15 jobs and $2.5 million in economic output.

By going solar, you are adding value to your home or business and marketability. With no money down and low interest rates for up to 20 years you are saving energy and money from day one on your electrical, gas and water utility bill. By going green, you are decreasing your carbon footprint.

Because PACE covers all of the upfront costs, this allows anyone to go solar, making our economy better and our world greener at a faster rate. Make improvements to your home today with solar and start saving money!

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